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  • Awaken to YOUR greater SELF - and stay there 
Want to change your limiting beliefs to a mindset of positivity, strength and growth? We invite you to our mini-seminar:

The science of changing your mind

To Be Determined


You want to be the most succesful, strongest and happiest version of yourself.

However, most days you feel like you're not reaching your full potential.

At all.

Instead, you blame yourself for all the things you haven't accomplished yet.

You know this toxic thought isn't helping you. 

Because blaming yourself only lowers your feeling of self-worth.

It also gives you doubts about your future and it raises the following question:

What should i do to feel fulfilled and proud of myself?

This is a great question.

And our workshop will help you answer it.

This 2-hour workshop will help you: 

- Learn how to coach yourself with our proven 5-step question technique
- Develop a growth mindset
- Understand how your brain is tricking you into fear and how to overcome this
- Unleash your unique self, with all your talents


    In 2 hours
    Jacob will demonstrate how the PMA Technique works. Experience the  process and immediate impact of this revolutionary methodology which uses NO medication, hypnosis, counseling, conditioning, affirmations, devises, touching, rituals or diagnosis of any kind. 

    Just 5 questions, that work in line with the language rules of the brain to reach the root source of change.
    PMA was developed to use in all sectors of professional and personal life and requires no degrees or expertise – just a drive to create results and experience growth at much higher levels and at a much faster pace. 


    This seminar is for you, if you are a:

    • Anyone motivated to live a greater, more fulfilled life
    • PMA’s simple but powerful technique is perfect for anyone with the drive to grow. The 5-Step technique is easy to learn and use. It involves no counseling, diagnosis, medication, conditioning, affirmation, meditation, hypnosis, touching, rituals or devises. It doesn’t even require any specific expertise or degrees. You can learn the technique for life-long use or connect with one of our PMA-certified Coaches for guidance to effectively, easy and quickly address life’s daily challenges. It all work so you can leap forward towards a greater more fulfilled life! 

    NOTE: "Hours completed for this program may also be utilized as Resource Development credits associated with the International Coaching federation per their guidelines"


    What workshop attendee's say

      Arwin Baauw
      Gera Horstede
      Jaap Mackaay
    • " I’m not nervous anymore in front of a group. My relationships with my  wife and children have really improved. But also in work and with customers. For me, PMA is the tool for life. A tool that makes it possible to really grow in my personal development."






      Evert van Engelenhoven
    • "2 years ago. I stopped my diet. I can eat and drink anything I like and I don’t get sick. This is wonderful but what is far more important to me is that I’m changing. I’m becoming more and more myself. Free and independent and I wish that for everyone."
      Gera Horstede
    • " PMA is a really powerful and scientific technique that, from the subconscious and through one specific 5-step method, leads to very rapid results which offers people a lot of peace and energy. PMA can re-code old events so that they lose their sometimes sabotaging impact in the present. I personally experienced this. PMA is a wonderful method that I can wholeheartedly recommend"
      Rob van Engelen
    • " I immediately knew this was the missing link. Now I understand where thoughts, feelings, blockades and physical complaints come from. Now I help clients open their own doors and to trust their intuitions, decisions and actions. PMA really makes a difference for your health, personal growth, opportunities, relationships and happiness."
      Inge Valk
    • "The ultimate result of PMA is to clear inner friction so that what you think and feel is aligned. Being in harmony with mind body and soul is really what makes PMA different. So you understand what you need to do and you can do it without fighting yourself or each other. That’s where people flourish, companies flourish and eventually the world will flourish."
      Arwin Baauw


    Jacob has become internationally acclaimed for his brain research and the discovery of The Unified Brain Model and Progressive Mental Alignment®. Some achievements:

    • Health specialist, brain researcher and scientist with  over 50 years of experience.
    • Author of several books like Desirable Power and The Happy Millionaire.
    • Ran a successful private health practice for over 2 decades.
    • Developed KORUS Repertory System in 1986,  a computerized model for categorizing ailments and symptoms to respective homeopathic medicines and treatment solutions.
    • Discovered and developed Progressive Mental Alignment® the coaching and self-help method, originally introduced in 1995. Since it's conception, it has aided those suffering from asthma, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, eczema, psoriasis, depression, addiction, chronic fatigue, various other psychosomatic diseases and many areas of autism.  


    Jacob Korthuis is a lifelong explorer of human behavior. As a Dutch researcher, scientist and Holistic Health specialist, he studied Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Iridology, Electro Acupuncture, Segment Electrography and Phytotherapy. He authored several books and became an internationally recognized figure for his research in human behavior and psychosomatic disease.
    Jacob is an experienced healthcare business executive and strategist whom, after owning and operating a successful Holistic Health practice for more than two decades, also provided many consulting services for established healthcare technology and educational companies in the Netherlands for more than 15 years.
    In 1986, Jacob developed the KORES Repertory System, a computerized model for categorizing ailments and symptoms to respective homeopathic medicines and treatment solutions. He also co-founded VBAG, the largest Natural Health Practitioner Organization in the Netherlands.
    Jacob’s most prestigious accomplishment to date has been the development of Progressive Mental Alignment® the coaching and self-help method that was originally introduced in 1995 as a result of his research and his drive to help others improve their lives.
    Since its conception in 1995, Progressive Mental Alignment has aided those suffering from asthma, Epilepsy, Multiple sclerosis, eczema, psoriasis, depression, addiction, chronic fatigue, various other psychosomatic diseases, and different areas of Autism.
    Currently Jacob is CEO of the PMA Institute based out of Orlando, Florida as he continues to lecture internationally and helps everybody that looks for the fastest and most effective way to improve his or her health, relationships and success in life. He also educates psychologists, counselors, coaches, business trainers, and other medical professionals on how to utilize his method for their own practice or businesses.

    Investment: Single payment of $29.50 USD 
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